Past Life Regression Is Safe

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a safe and profound experience.

Anything you want to do implies a potential risk, depending on the capability, training, and intentionality of your practitioner, coach, advisor, teacher, doctor, etc.
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It is typical to recall more than one past life using hypnosis.

Our subconscious minds are fluid and graphical, which means that information is stored very differently than in the conscious mind. Past life scenes can easily flow from one to the next.
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Past Life Regression Heals Troubling Life Patterns

Past Life Regression (PLR) can quickly dissolve being stuck in persistent thoughts and behaviors.

PLR can occur:
• In a PLR workshop
• By spontaneously emerging in individual regression work
• Clients may request a PLR, or
• It may be an intention to work on a specific PLR within the session to resolve current life issues

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Everyone has access to infinite imagination and everyone has the capacity to dream.

In the dream state, whether it’s REM or NREM (non-REM, Slow-Wave, Delta or N3), your ability to navigate non-physical realms is unlimited. Ever dreamed that you were flying? Have you ever encountered a loved one or pet in your dreams who is no longer physically alive? Just about anything is possible in dreams, so whether you normally have a vivid imagination or not, the impossible seems possible.

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