Everyone has access to infinite imagination and everyone has the capacity to dream.

In the dream state, whether it’s REM or NREM (non-REM, Slow-Wave, Delta or N3), your ability to navigate non-physical realms is unlimited. Ever dreamed that you were flying? Have you ever encountered a loved one or pet in your dreams who is no longer physically alive? Just about anything is possible in dreams, so whether you normally have a vivid imagination or not, the impossible seems possible.

Since your Subconscious Mind is predominant in these dream states, you can dream about the past, present or future. The past is not limited to this physical body, but any experiences your Soul has had. We call this, “Past Lives” or possibly “Life Between Lives”.

Even Einstein rejected the distinction between past, present, and future. “All events across time and space are on an equal ontological footing, with no sense in which present events are judged more “real” or “actual” than past or future ones.”

Because time is experienced differently in your Subconscious Mind, it’s relatively easy to experience past, present and future. This is also true when one is in hypnosis, which is a perfect medium for experiencing Past Lives. Time is fluid, flowing easily without friction, from past to present to future and back again, without the typical restrictions of man-made time constraints.

Time is a man-made construct. Our Conscious or Waking Mind, prefers everything to be sequential and predictable because predictability makes us feel safe. Our Conscious Mind, which makes up only 10% of our awareness, is constantly struggling to control our Subconscious Mind, which is the other 90% of who we really are! If an experience seems implausible, our Conscious Mind will attempt to dissuade us from believing in it through logic, rationalization or even denial.

Once the Conscious Mind goes to sleep at night, our defenses are relaxed and our Subconscious Mind is free to become more expressive. In deeper dream states, we can maneuver through non-physical realms and experience our rich, inner landscape that elludes us when we are awake. This includes Past Lives.

Someone once asked me if a strong or vivid imagnation makes it more likely to dream of Past Lives. My simple answer is “no”. Being right-brain practiced (imagination, intuition) may enhance the frequency of dreaming and make you more receptive to dream-state information, but it’s always up to the gatekeepers (your beliefs and defense mechanisms), as to what your Conscious Mind will recognize and accept.

Hypnosis by the way, works by detouring the gatekeepers, making it so much easier to access information and make changes that support your life, quickly and effectively.

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