It is typical to recall more than one past life using hypnosis.

Our subconscious minds are fluid and graphical, which means that information is stored very differently than in the conscious mind. Past life scenes can easily flow from one to the next.

Our conscious mind, however, is designed to hold only 7–9 bits of information at one time. Multitasking is not its strength. Order and logic are how it functions best.

Logic tells us that recalling events before we inhabited our bodies, doesn’t make sense. But logic does not alter reality. Just because your conscious mind rejects an idea, does not mean that the event didn’t occur. You do not have to believe in something for it to exist.

Because of the fluid and unlimited nature of subconscious storage, all our life (lives) experiences are imprinted upon it. When we are in a state of focused attention, we have access to these files.

Your hypnotist helps you to recall scenes and as necessary, spend more time on certain past lives than others to capture information or resolve erroneous perceptions.

Our soul evolves on planet Earth by having a body, which means, we will have a wide variety of experiences. This leads to learning and maturing. It’s not an overnight process for most people and can take lifetimes to learn and integrate lessons.

This is especially true when the soul has experienced trauma. Almost all of us have. Trauma can hang around for many lives until the soul feels prepared to deal with it. Then, it might resolve the issue in a single lifetime, or it might continue as a theme for many lifetimes.

That’s one good reason to conduct a Past Life Regression – to laser in on a repetitive or unwanted life pattern, discover its origins and focus on resolving it. That’s a truly satisfying experience!

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