If hypnotherapy was your first choice for resolving problems instead of using medication, alcohol, food, busyness, or any other avoid-distract tactics, you would be pleasantly surprised.
Hypnotherapy is quick and effective!

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Hypnosis power words are words or phrases that are used by hypnotists to induce a state of trance or suggestibility in a person.

These words can help to bypass the critical thinking of the conscious mind and tap into the subconscious mind, which can be more receptive to suggestion.

Here are some examples of common hypnosis power words:

“Relax” – This word is often used to help a person relax their body and mind, which can make them more open to suggestion.

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Hypnosis Connects You To Real Power

SPIRITUAL BY-PASSING represents the use of spirituality to escape the denser expression of emotions, attachments, and wounds by using spiritual rationalization.

Are you using spirituality to avoid shame, anger, trauma, or fear?

Are you turning away from knowing about world events because it’s “too crazy” or too negative?
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Confidence comes from inner clarity.

The clients I work with often come to me with confusion, but through a series of five sessions, they become clear, going from 2 on a 10 scale of confidence to 9.5 on a 10 scale of confidence – just in those five sessions.

Imagine struggling for decades with confidence issues, coming to see me for a month, and then walking out rewired in a sustainable way that lets you address life the way you always imagined. That’s pretty amazing!
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Cash flow pinch

What’s your energetic relationship to cash flow?

For entrepreneurs, particularly solo entrepreneurs who don’t usually oversee teams, revenue is often the main indicator of success. When challenges arise, and cash flow decreases, you can feel deflated.

But what if a decrease in cash flow is a symptom, not the actual problem?
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