Habit Change

… Using hypnosis.


Because hypnosis rewires the subconscious mind and that’s where behavioral change takes place.
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A client recently voiced what I’d always thought, but never expressed – that her Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disorder was the result of having a perpetual argument or standoff within yourself.

She became aware of these dynamics after a session in which she realized that one part of her wanted something to occur that the other part of her dreaded. It was an ongoing battle which left her exhausted.

Her body was manifesting the irritation as inflammation, which would subside when she released energy through various self-care methods.
It wasn’t until she decided to use hypnosis that the core tug-of-war revealed itself. Over the course of five sessions, we worked through the conflict at a bottom-line level – where the problem initially began.
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Confidence comes from inner clarity.

The clients I work with often come to me with confusion, but through a series of five sessions, they become clear, going from 2 on a 10 scale of confidence to 9.5 on a 10 scale of confidence – just in those five sessions.

Imagine struggling for decades with confidence issues, coming to see me for a month, and then walking out rewired in a sustainable way that lets you address life the way you always imagined. That’s pretty amazing!
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Cash flow pinch

What’s your energetic relationship to cash flow?

For entrepreneurs, particularly solo entrepreneurs who don’t usually oversee teams, revenue is often the main indicator of success. When challenges arise, and cash flow decreases, you can feel deflated.

But what if a decrease in cash flow is a symptom, not the actual problem?
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Hypnosis vs Meditation

Both hypnosis and meditation are deeply relaxing, calming activities that create a positive state of being and peace of mind.

What are the differences, and which is best for you?
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Self-hypnosis helps mitigate limiting thoughts that cause anxiety. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis.

Most self-hypnosis is comprised of positive affirmations used in a way that focuses the conscious mind on a positive thought or outcome, for example, “Every day, I am productive at work.” This form of self-hypnosis is autosuggestion. Practice this for minutes every day with your eyes closed and envision what it would be like for you to be productive. Define it to your specifications.
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Past Life Regression Is Safe

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a safe and profound experience.

Anything you want to do implies a potential risk, depending on the capability, training, and intentionality of your practitioner, coach, advisor, teacher, doctor, etc.
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Hypnosis Stops Repetitive Thoughts

A woman recently asked me,
“How should I go about getting rid of OCD intrusive thoughts that recently have been occurring? Would you recommend hypnotherapy & CBT?

Intrusive thoughts or rumination, involve negative thought patterns that are distracting. Repetitive thoughts often reflect a pattern of being stuck in anxiety, but not really recognizing the anxiety. Hypnosis is built for resolving anxiety, especially the kind of hypnosis that addresses root cause. It’s called 5-PATH.
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Hypnosis Frees Us From Trauma

Hypnosis certainly frees us from trauma.

Hypnosis guides us to original causes of trauma, especially in this lifetime and can facilitate previous life trauma resolution as well.
Past trauma causes an imprint upon both the personality as well as the soul. Traumas, due to their difficult nature, often remain hidden in the subconscious mind where they hide out but continue to drive our thoughts and behaviors.
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Hypnosis Improves Learning

Hypnosis definitely helps improve learning.

Here’s why:
We all have different rates of absorption, processing, and integration. Hypnosis addresses many of our cognitive limitations and old, unconscious beliefs that may stand in the way of learning.
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