Past Life Regression Heals Troubling Life Patterns

Past Life Regression (PLR) can quickly dissolve being stuck in persistent thoughts and behaviors.

PLR can occur:
• In a PLR workshop
• By spontaneously emerging in individual regression work
• Clients may request a PLR, or
• It may be an intention to work on a specific PLR within the session to resolve current life issues

Clients will focus on relaxation to begin with, and then using guided facilitation, images, thoughts and/or feelings will arise. Some of these experiences may be repetitive themes, like, having the same dream repeatedly.

Maybe the feeling arises first. For instance, I have a client who feels trapped a lot and that feeling is often followed by a scene that is disturbing, but doesn’t seem to make sense to him. It’s the same image that pops into his mind whenever he has that feeling.

This is a Past Life scene that has been carried over from a previous life. We all carry over themes. The themes that become unsettling patterns, however, do so because they need our attention. They are issues that need to be integrated and thus, healed.

Whether you as the client, are regressing to an event that happened two weeks, two years, twenty years or two hundred years ago, the process is the same.
You will enter a state of relaxation and trance and think about whatever the hypnotherapist is having you focus on. The mind can focus on the past just as easily as the future. In fact, the most challenging place to focus is on the present!

When Past Life fragments spontaneously emerge, it’s because you are relaxed and focused, which gives your subconscious mind a chance to present you with the material. Otherwise, your conscious mind tends to dominate your attention with distractions such as work, play, substances, anxiety, drama, and the list goes on…

The images, thoughts and feelings that arise in regression can be vetted to clarify what timeline they are arising from. I always ask clients how old they are in the current scene. When clients do not seem to have an age, I follow up with other questions to determine where the client is revivifying themselves, whether it’s in this or other lifetimes. Once I understand what timeline the client is operating in, our work can continue appropriately.

Integrating the scenes of Past Lives is critically important to resolving current life issues. They are simply unhealed portions of us. Imagine having an argument with your significant other and then, never speaking about the issue again. This would leave you with a sense of something being undone and although you could move on with your life, most of us prefer to close the loop. If it’s someone whom we care about, we want to feel good about interacting with that person again and if there was something important that needed to be discussed, it might feel awkward if we we left the “pink elephant” in the living room.

Past Lives operate the same way. Perhaps we came to the end of our lives in a prior timeline and didn’t have time to to tell someone that we loved them. Or conversely, maybe someone important to us died before we could see them again. There are infinite possibilities, but the bottom line is, something has been left undone or unsaid.

I had a client once who spontaneously revivified a Past Life scene and realized that her mother abandoned her as an infant by placing her on a neighbors doorstep. The mother was single and poor without means to care for the child. In this lifetime, the client had always felt abandoned by her mother and given her mother’s behavior of neglect and self-focus, it would have been easy to accept the current life relationship pattern and not look any further for answers.

But because the client spontaneously popped into a prior lifetime while in hypnosis, her subconscious mind ensured that we could connect the dots to the present lifetime and thus, the client was able to gain tremendous insights. As a result, she emerged from hypnosis feeling relieved and forgiving of her mother’s present lifetime attitudes and behaviors. This helped my client get unstuck from her family dynamic, move on with her life and heal these troubling life issues that she had spent a lifetime dealing with.

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