Past Life Regression Is Safe

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a safe and profound experience.

Anything you want to do implies a potential risk, depending on the capability, training, and intentionality of your practitioner, coach, advisor, teacher, doctor, etc.

– Imagine learning to swim with an instructor who didn’t like the water
– I bought a house once, but the roof was never properly inspected (it later leaked) because the General Contractor told me (after purchase) that he was
afraid of heights!
– What if you had to have surgery and your surgeon hasn’t had enough sleep?
– What if your Uber driver has been drinking?

You get the idea.

After facilitating many, many PLR sessions, my clients tell me that they find the PLR experience to be expansive, insightful, and often transformational. Each client emerges from their session with a:

– Deeper understanding of themselves
– Greater compassion for their soul development
– Enhanced awareness of patterned behavior
– Renewed feeling of purpose and meaning

With a well-prepared facilitator, you can navigate what may seem to be an uncertain pathway. Questions that you might have about where to start, how to proceed, what to say and how to respond are all easily managed by a Certified Past Life Regression Specialist.

There is no danger in exploring your subconscious mind, which archives all your life’s (lives) experiences. It is as simple and easy as going into hypnosis. No one remains stuck in hypnosis and if something occurred that you really didn’t care for, you would automatically emerge yourself.

I worked with a 41 year old client this week who tapped into a recent past life where he was an indigenous man whose village was being burned. He began to sob because he realized that he lost his wife and children in the massacre. This is a normal response to a tragic situation and very connected to his current life experience of being highly protective of his family almost to a fault.

I’ve guided clients through their own death in a past life and the journey felt safe and manageable to the client in hypnosis. We’ve even moved into the Life Between Lives phase of life or Pre-Life Planning segments where we review our most previous life, meet guiding entities and prepare for the next leg of our evolutionary journey.

Sometimes the feelings are intense and sometimes they can feel distant as you observe yourself in a past life scene rather than directly experiencing it vis-à-vis first person. In the latter case, the scene feels more like information-gathering or observing rather than having a direct experience.

This is where the expertise of a Certified Practitioner can assist you in making those spot adjustments so you can maximize your intentions for the session and emerge with tremendous insight; feeling safe, in control, and deeply moved.

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