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Five-phased, advanced transformational hypnotherapy is a systematic protocol for dealing with almost all emotionally based issues.

Customized for you

Hypnotherapy address an endless list of issues and we customize sessions to fit your unique situation!

Learn Self-Hypnosis

As part of your hypnotherapy sessions, you will learn self-hypnosis so that your life challenges become manageable for the rest of your life


I’m Annie

I am a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Self-Hypnosis Teacher

I’ll be helping you take charge of your life as we rewire unwanted thoughts and behaviors, establishing a more stable platform of self management and success.

If you’re willing to learn new insights about yourself and your inner guidance system, then working with me in hypnosis will benefit you for the rest of your life

Wherever your journey takes you, I’m here to guide and support your deepest desires in order to achieve your goals.


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Why Clients Love Northwest Hypnosis Center

Tamera S., Vienna, VA

Tamera S., Vienna, VA

"Annie’s unique combination of skills—her depth of expertise in hypnosis, her educational and professional history, and her understanding of
evolutionary astrology, provides a powerful experience of transformation.

While working with her, I felt safe and understood, and I knew I was in the hands of someone who combines both the technical and the intuitive
to create positive outcomes. She really cares.

As a result of my work with Annie, how I show up in the world and for myself is different. I am healthier all the way around.

Claire P., Phoenix, AZ

Claire P., Phoenix, AZ

My 13-year-old daughter suffered from anxiety that was so bad it actually triggered seizures.

After seeing numerous neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologist and therapists – nothing had helped.

Then she tried just five sessions of hypnotherapy and her improvement has been remarkable.

I can’t express my level of gratitude for having discovered the benefits of hypnotherapy and for the great help of Annie Alexander.

Our experience has literally been life-changing, and all for the better.

Sincerely grateful

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