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Repetitive Thoughts?

Hypnotherapy is a great modality for neutralizing anxiety and getting unstuck, which is often linked to repetitive thoughts. The reason thoughts can be repetitive, is because they’ve become “attached” or “linked” to an event. The emotions from that event are often unconscious – below the surface of your day-to-day radar.

How do you give yourself a hypnotic suggestion?

Give yourself a suggestion anytime you want! I often recommend to my clients however, that they practice their hypnotic suggestions upon awakening and just prior to closing their eyes at bedtime, plus one other time. This is called self-hypnosis and I always teach my clients how to use this technique, known as 7th Path. It […]

Imagination, Dreaming & Past Lives

Everyone has access to infinite imagination and everyone has the capacity to dream. In the dream state, whether it’s REM or NREM (non-REM, Slow-Wave, Delta or N3), your ability to navigate non-physical realms is unlimited. Ever dreamed that you were flying? Have you ever encountered a loved one or pet in your dreams who is […]

Everyday Self-Hypnosis

Do You Use Self-Hypnosis? I use it all the time and teach it to every client. When you are in self-hypnosis, negative thoughts are replaced by positive suggestions. This is an empowered state of being that conditions and retrains your brain to create new neural pathways, which support new behavioral patterns. Translation: It’s easier to […]