Benefits of self hypnosis

Self hypnosis is all about intention and focus.

When you intend to take yourself into self-hypnosis, you will!

Grab a few minutes of quiet time, get comfortable and close your eyes. Practice daily. A good time to do this is while you are waking up each morning and getting ready to close your eyes at night.

Next, begin stating a desired positive outcome. You can utilize just about any positive statement as a mantra. Keep it short, clear and believable.

Believability is important because if your self-hypnosis statement is, “I am a multi-millionaire”, and you’ve been a minimum wage earner most of your life, it will be difficult for your mind to close the gap on such a big discrepancy.

Here are some positive and focused examples:

I fall asleep easily and quickly
I am prepared and passionate about my talk tomorrow
My mind is calm and focused
I am engaged and present with my networking group
I am capable and creative when building my website
Build upon the believable statements of your choice over time and your mind will follow, noticing more and more situations that match your desired outcome. As your perceptions shifts, so too, will your behavior.

Practicing these positive statements(or one of your choice) just a few minutes per day, will help reset your brain wave patterns. You will begin to screen out chaos and allow peace of mind.

Self-hypnosis can be a prayer or just an affirmative statement. When conducted in a state of focused attention (whatever you are paying attention to in the moment), your brain becomes very receptive to information.

Our minds believe just about everything we say, so watch your words! Acknowledging the changes you are making, reinforces them, for better or for worse, so focus on what you want and leave the rest behind!

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