It is incredibly effective!

I’ve been providing online hypnotherapy since pre-Covid because it’s so economical, convenient, and private.

There is no degradation in the efficacy or quality of interaction when conducting online hypnotherapy.

Clients benefit from online hypnotherapy because:

No travel time = greater schedule management
Work with the hypnotherapist of your choice vs. whoever might be available in your area
No weather or transportation hassles = built-in safety
No issues to contend with by being alone in a room with someone of the opposite gender – especially useful for female clients working with male hypnotherapists
Greater accessibility to a busy hypnotherapist who can meet with you at off times rather than squeeze you in before the day ends
Some clients have logistical or personal issues that prevent them from leaving the home
Meet with your hypnotherapist even while traveling for business or vacation
I’ve even conducted hypnotherapy via phone with no visual input and have observed the same levels of success as clients who come into the office. (When I used to have one!)

I just had a potential client contact me for weight loss because she wanted a non-traditional timeslot due to her regular works hours, which were M-F, 9-5. She also did not own a home computer, and only had a cell phone at home. She had travel restrictions due to her condition and was embarrassed, not really wanting to be seen until she lost some weight.

Participating in online sessions is easy and comfortable. If you have Wi-Fi, online is a great choice.

Hypnosis is always potent regardless of location. Have you ever scrolled through your phone or read a book in Starbucks? The noise seems to dim and although you may be aware of it in the background, you are engrossed in your own activity. Facebook counts on that!

When you focus your attention, you are dedicated to a task, whether it’s to improve your life, connect with others, accomplish a project, or learn something new. Whatever your attention is focused on in the moment, will influence you.

Imagine connecting with a hypnotherapist online and just the two of you are talking. You are following her instructions and relaxing. That is your point of focus – whatever you are doing in the moment. This allows you to access greater internal resources than if you were focusing on work, for example.

In most in-person hypnotherapy sessions, there is little or no touching, just as there would be online. So, we can eliminate touching as a factor in hypnotherapy success. In fact, the online setup is identical to an in-person setting: the session structure, protocol and interactions are the same.

The client is participating exactly as s/he would in the office. The Conscious or Waking Mind is following instructions and hypnosis is by-passing the “critical factor” or gatekeeping function of your mind, allowing the Subconscious Mind greater expression.

Here are examples of everyday hypnosis:

Becoming engrossed in a great conversation or book
Talking with a potential romantic interest
Watching the Super Bowl
Enjoying a family reunion
Quilting while talking to the grandkids
Driving and listening to your favorite tunes
Working on a pet project

It’s all about focused attention.

When you add the ingredient of intention, especially working with a professional who facilitates your relaxation and guides the process, you now have expanded resources and a strategy for success.

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