Hypnosis feels differently to everyone.

People generally feel very relaxed, alert, and safe. Some people feel light and floaty while others feel nothing at all.

Hypnosis is not sleep. It’s a state of focused attention and you are awake in both Alpha and Theta-wave states.

Becoming hypnotized is something you do every day. For instance, have you ever been riveted to Netflix or read a book that you couldn’t put down?

How about scrolling through Facebook or returning an email? All these activities are associated with Alpha and Theta brain wave patterns that are identical to hypnotic trance.

You can also induce your own trance at will. That’s called Self-Hypnosis. It’s a practice that’s similar to meditation, but without having to quiet your mind. I teach Self-Hypnosis to all my clients so they can use it whenever they want. It’s a great tool to have.

Using hypnosis to resolve issues is called hypnotherapy. It’s the therapeutic use of hypnosis versus stage hypnosis, which is entertainment. Being hypnotized on stage is the same as being hypnotized in an office setting or in an online session. It’s just that lots of people are watching you!

Good hypnotherapists should be teaching you how to hypnotize yourself so that once you finish sessions, you can continue enjoying amazing results.

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