Hypnosis impacts willpower because it rewires your beliefs.

Beliefs are the real driver of behaviors and many of them reside in your subconscious mind.

Beliefs are the command center and willpower is the front-line soldier. Hypnosis helps to reorganize your command center so that commands are positive, productive and aligned. That way, both beliefs (subconscious mind) and willpower (conscious mind), are acting in concert with one another to give you maximum traction.

Willpower alone, is time-limited and runs out of gas because it’s not connected to your gas tank of beliefs. Think of willpower as the fuel additive that helps maintain behaviors for the short run. It’s your beliefs that are sitting behind the wheel doing the actual driving and keeping the foot on the gas.

Willpower takes energy and concentration. After a while, it takes more and more energy to achieve the same effect. That can be exhausting for the body and the mind.

With willpower, you get a big energy boost on the front end, but very little on the home stretch. Using hypnosis to shift your underlying beliefs, will energize and sustain your momentum so that you don’t have to rely upon willpower alone.

Rewire your beliefs so you get more bang for your buck!

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