Hypnosis works well to improve motivation and resolve the real cause of the problem.

In many cases, motivation is blocked by conscious fears, which we call anxiety. An example might be, “It makes me nervous to socialize with people I don’t know well” (because I’m overweight and self-conscious).

Sometimes, the cause of our anxiety is linked to unconscious factors, and it also impacts our motivation. An example might be, “I want my reports to be perfect before handing them in” (because Dad used to yell at me for “wasting time” writing poetry when I was young.) This scenario may produce procrastination when the individual gets older.

Motivation can also be blocked by deep-seated beliefs such as:
• “I’m not good enough”
• “I could fail”
• “I’ll be embarrassed”
• “I’ll never be loved”
• “I’ll be rejected”

These hidden roadblocks are often the cause of sagging motivation. There are many theories explaining what motivates us, but we don’t always need a theory to tell us when we are less-than-motivated.

Sometimes the cause is obvious, such as a child who says, “I don’t want to go to school” – after being bullied on the bus.

Hypnotherapy connects the dots and allows you to understand how you arrived at a low motivational state. Once you gain this insight, you can quickly adjust to a new perspective, which clears the way to take different action and inspires you to feel motivated again or maybe for the first time!

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