A client recently voiced what I’d always thought, but never expressed – that her Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disorder was the result of having a perpetual argument or standoff within yourself.

She became aware of these dynamics after a session in which she realized that one part of her wanted something to occur that the other part of her dreaded. It was an ongoing battle which left her exhausted.

Her body was manifesting the irritation as inflammation, which would subside when she released energy through various self-care methods.
It wasn’t until she decided to use hypnosis that the core tug-of-war revealed itself. Over the course of five sessions, we worked through the conflict at a bottom-line level – where the problem initially began.

We resolved her mind’s “divide” and she arrived at a solution for both parts of herself. The result was immediate peace of mind and cessation of symptoms.

Our basic work was to achieve her goals of:
1. More peace of mind
2. Better health
3. Less anxiety

Working with current issues, her subconscious mind led us into repetitive life patterns which clearly had their roots in early environmental conditioning as well as turning points in school.
Those school events which contained a fair amount of drama, led to my client feeling as if her coach was behaving unfairly to her. This was a sticking point that created traumatic shocks for my client, setting up her nervous system for wave after wave of humiliation and unresolved anger.

Patterns of difficulty continued at home with well-meaning, but intrusive parents who provided their own dramatic interpretations of the client’s school experiences. The parents’ drama created more traumatic reliving of her high school experience as the parents re-created the storytelling at every family gathering. The client had nowhere safe to turn nor any escape from the endless parental storytelling of shame and blame for their behaviors. (Most notably, the coach). The parental retelling exacerbated the client’s already hypervigilant state.
A series of hypnosis sessions needed to reclaim this original material, neutralizing its traumatic influences, and eliminating the anxiety associated with parental storytelling and re-telling.

These sessions primed the client to release long-buried anger at the coach as well as the parents and recognize that she could move forward by releasing the buried intentions to hang on to old material. The real ownership of holding on belonged to the parents and not the client. Once she recognized this, she felt freer and more relieved. This halted the deep-seated internal stress that was driving her inner conflict, leading to the autoimmune condition.

So, if you or someone you care about is ready to find the underlying cause of mystery symptoms and life-consuming conditions, allow hypnosis to guide you through the journey into the light, freeing your mind and your body.

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