If hypnotherapy was your first choice for resolving problems instead of using medication, alcohol, food, busyness, or any other avoid-distract tactics, you would be pleasantly surprised.
Hypnotherapy is quick and effective!

I am a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist and have practiced root-cause hypnotherapy since 2018. This technology allows you to resolve the problem where it resides – in your subconscious mind.

Why is this important?
Because you want the problem gone, right? Otherwise, your life is a revolving door of band aids.

Do any of us really understand the root-cause for feeling a lack of success, dissatisfaction, perfectionism, negative thoughts, poor sleep, or chronic worry?
We only understand it the way our conscious mind has collected information and rationalized it.

We point to stressors, family history or maybe blame situations that seem to be the culprit, but…
“… the real cause lies buried in our subconscious mind, which we cannot access without a facilitated strategy.”

Oh sure, we can analyze our dreams, keep a journal, meditate, share with friends, listen to audiobooks, do talk therapy, take classes, follow gurus, spend time in nature, but none of that allows us access into our subconscious mind.
Sustainable problem resolution requires access to our subconscious mind

Talk therapy cannot provide that, but root-cause hypnotherapy can. That’s why it should be your “go-to” for problem resolution.
Having practiced as a talk therapist and clinician for decades, I can assure you that accessing the subconscious mind does not live in that professional wheelhouse!

There’s a well-known meme called the 95-5% Rule:

“…95% of your brain’s processing lives in your subconscious mind – beyond your conscious awareness…”

This means that 95% of the time, unless you are aware of what’s below the surface, you are reacting instead of responding to the world around you.
The subconscious mind is below the surface. It drives 95% of who you are and how you behave. It’s your windshield to the world and if your windshield is dirty, that will cause errors in your perception and ability to navigate.

That means that you can’t see clearly. If you can’t see clearly, you are not really in control, you are just reacting.

Reactivity to a hypnotherapist looks like using medications, drugs and alcohol, smoking, overeating, not sleeping well, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, being defensive, avoidant, or procrastinating.

How Do Perceptions Get Created?
Perceptions are created with each life experience and reside permanently in the subconscious mind in their original state.
All of us have misperceived an experience at one time or another.

Here’s an example:
Maybe you have a negative self-perception or thought that you’re not good enough.
As a kid, your parents need to sign off on your report card, so, there’s an obligatory discussion with Mom and Dad.
You hear or sense disappointment in your parent’s tone of voice, and you believe it’s related to the fact that you got a “Bs” instead of “As”.
Your parents might be disappointed, but it could also be due to other reasons such as:
– Mom and Dad are tired after working all day and don’t have the energy to discuss your report card
– Mom and Dad are focused on money issues and don’t share their problems with you
– Mom and Dad have just been discussing your brother’s “F” on his report card
Whatever the reason for “disappointment” in your parent’s voice, you have already assumed that you are the cause. You sulk away feeling “less than” or guilty.
This type of scenario happens a lot, and as a hypnotherapist, I help clients such as yourself to correct inaccurate perceptions or misperceptions.
Misperceptions create beliefs about who we are and the world around us. They follow us through life getting in the way of authenticity until we correct them.
Until corrected, we compensate for our “perceived inadequacies” with short-term fixes like medication, alcohol, or other avoid-distract tactics.

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.”

Isn’t it time to clean your windshield and feel confident about where you’re going?
Check with a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist who provides root-cause hypnotherapy.
You can schedule a free consultation here or call us at: (360) 840-1075

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