Cash flow pinch

What’s your energetic relationship to cash flow?

For entrepreneurs, particularly solo entrepreneurs who don’t usually oversee teams, revenue is often the main indicator of success. When challenges arise, and cash flow decreases, you can feel deflated.

But what if a decrease in cash flow is a symptom, not the actual problem?

It’s important to have a regular practice of identifying and checking in on key indicators of success for your business. While revenue is certainly important, there’s another critical factor that goes overlooked by most entrepreneurs, and that’s because it’s not a traditional metric.
It’s the energetic flow of your business.

As an entrepreneur, it’s so important to be mindful of the way that your energy changes as you navigate your business operation. If you’re not on top of it, a change in your energy may lead to ill-timed decision-making with profound consequences.

I had to do an assessment of this recently myself. I had good quarters in 2021, then, a poor quarter toward the end of the year. I wondered, what’s driving this? I had to force myself to sit down and think about what was going on with ME.

I realized I had two thoughts going on in my head. They were incredibly quiet yet limiting thoughts. They were so quiet that they almost went unnoticed. When I identified those thoughts, I realized I had closed the doors to my energy flow that helps my business run at optimal levels.

I’m a mindful person and have a set of daily practices such as yoga, quiet time with my animals, evening reflection and check-in with friends. But what about the individual who just blasts through his or her day and doesn’t spend time in personal development or self-reflection and is simply running from morning to night. What are their options for noticing these thoughts?

Often, these thoughts are creating low level anxiety, which the entrepreneur might ignore, yet, this background anxiety is still generating its own internal hum, which impacts the daily cash flow.

I often ask myself the following questions (repeatedly):
– What do I want right now?
– What do I need right now?
– Am I on path to achieve my stated goal?
– How do I feel about myself currently?
– Do my words match my actions?
– How can I become attuned to what my clients want and need?
– Is my messaging a solution to client problems?
– What are my client’s real problems, and do I feel confident to offer solutions?
– Is my product lineup designed to communicate solutions?

When I’m in harmony with these self-reflective questions, the clients who want and need my services seem to drop into my lap. When I’m not, revenue generation seems like a struggle. When I’m clear about my preferences or energy flow, then, whatever is an obstacle to my preferences, will quickly hit my radar, allowing me the option to clear it.
It’s usually some kind of fear, self-doubt and/or limiting belief that is causing me internal stress. Once I clear the inner issue or limiting thought, the path forward restores itself. This is critical to my daily wellbeing and cash flow!

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