Stage Hypnosis

Stage hypnotists are amazing entertainers who are fantastic at sizing people up almost immediately!

They often conduct quick, pre-screening tests to determine which audience members will respond best to simple requests and then, the hypnotists hone in on these people.

A good hypnotizable candidate is one who wants to be hypnotized and can follow instructions easily. These audience members will usually make a suitable candidate for stage hypnosis.

People will not do anything against their will but can stretch the limits of their behavior on stage. This requires a lowering of inhibitions, which can happen if one bypasses the conscious mind.

You’ll see a stage hypnotist do a suggestibility test on either the whole audience or volunteers. What’s really occurring is a group induction into the hypnoidal state or the light hypnosis state. Then, the stage hypnotist looks to see how everybody did and the hypnotist selects those who easily moved into that hypnotic state.

Once in a light state of hypnosis, the hypnotists can deepen audience members on stage and the real fun begins!

Netflix hypnosis. Your own internal home theater.

Whenever you lose track of time, you are in hypnosis.
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Social Anxiety

Hypnotherapy helps cure social difficulty, often referred to as social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a form of social interactive difficulty that manifests in settings of two or more people, and generally larger crowds. This could include, but is not limited to: family gatherings, work settings, classroom environments or social gatherings.
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It is typical to recall more than one past life using hypnosis.

Our subconscious minds are fluid and graphical, which means that information is stored very differently than in the conscious mind. Past life scenes can easily flow from one to the next.
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Hypnotherapy purges panic attacks

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic modality for purging panic attacks and anxiety.

Panic attacks are a more extreme form of anxiety and seem to interrupt life unexpectedly, often causing severe disruption and even embarrassment, depending on where they show up.

Both anxiety and panic attacks can be triggered by innocuous events. Those events could be common stressors such as job changes, a school project, or an argument with your significant other or family member.

Maybe the trigger is unique to you, based upon your history.
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Recall & Heal Trauma

Question: “Can hypnosis help me recall trauma from my past?”

As the saying goes, “Anything is possible”.

Forensic hypnosis is designed to help people use their subconscious mind to recall criminal events with greater accuracy than the conscious mind alone can do. The conscious mind can only hold 7–9 bits of information and the rest goes into our perpetual archive called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is unlimited in its potential to store information.
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Long-Term Results With Hypnosis

When conducted properly, hypnosis can provide long-term results.

You should not expect to receive guarantees however. If you do find a guaranteed offer, dig deeper before proceeding.

Hypnosis, particularly 5 PATH hypnosis, is structured to create powerful root-cause shifts, designed to relocate problems to your rear-view mirror.
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Can You Really Stop Smoking With Hypnosis?

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis!

Smoking a single cigarette can easily be converted to a habit pattern when paired with a stimulus. Through hypnosis, one can easily unpair this behavior and stop smoking.

The stimulus could be stress, conforming to one’s peer group, reacting to a trauma, having a great time or many other situations.

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Past Life Regression Heals Troubling Life Patterns

Past Life Regression (PLR) can quickly dissolve being stuck in persistent thoughts and behaviors.

PLR can occur:
• In a PLR workshop
• By spontaneously emerging in individual regression work
• Clients may request a PLR, or
• It may be an intention to work on a specific PLR within the session to resolve current life issues

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Hypnotherapy Neutralizes Anxiety

Successfully break free of anxiety and other challenging conditions at least 93% of the time!

Hypnotherapy is very successful at eliminating anxiety and resolving many life-altering problems that people deal with on a daily basis.

The list is too long to post here, but hypnotherapy can successfully resolve problems such as:

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