Hypnotherapy is a great modality for neutralizing anxiety and getting unstuck, which is often linked to repetitive thoughts.

The reason thoughts can be repetitive, is because they’ve become “attached” or “linked” to an event. The emotions from that event are often unconscious – below the surface of your day-to-day radar.

Here’s the sequence:
1. Event occurs
2. Emotions and thoughts occur simultaneously with the event and remain buried (out of sight/out of mind)
3. Unwanted new thoughts or behaviors take the place of the buried emotions and thoughts
4. These unwanted thought or behaviors can be anxiety-producing. Anxiety is a mechanism reminding us that something bad might happen. It’s nature’s way of saying, “Hey, resolve the original event!”
5. Unwanted thoughts or behaviors now rinse & repeat along with the anxiety, and it seems like we are caught in a loop

Hypnotherapy, especially root cause hypnotherapy, breaks that sequence, neutralizing the anxiety and eliminating the repetitive thoughts or behaviors.

It’s a quick, clean, and effective modality for getting rid of repetitive thoughts.

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  1. Tiffanie
    Tiffanie says:

    understanding the self using esoteric tools and sciences studied through -out
    Time, we all can evolve to a higher state of consciousness. Hypnotherapy is essential in the journey of uncovering the SELF

    • Annie Alexander
      Annie Alexander says:

      Tiffanie, I agree! A higher state of consciousness or self-awareness is the goal. It’s why we’re here. I have found hypnotherapy to be such a direct and dynamic tool in one’s evolution.


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