Long-Term Results With Hypnosis

When conducted properly, hypnosis can provide long-term results.

You should not expect to receive guarantees however. If you do find a guaranteed offer, dig deeper before proceeding.

Hypnosis, particularly 5 PATH hypnosis, is structured to create powerful root-cause shifts, designed to relocate problems to your rear-view mirror.

When those shifts occur in hypnotherapy, you immediately gain new insights and can use that new perspective to eliminate undesirable habits or patterns. You will sustain results more easily if you reinforce them with self-hypnosis, which is what I teach my clients in every session.

Sometimes, a trigger or life stressor will appear, and it seems to re-ignite old behaviors. That’s usually because the stressor is pointing to unresolved, but similar issues and you just didn’t realize that subtle distinction.

In hypnotherapy, we prefer to focus on one issue at a time even though the hypnosis work will have a Positive Collateral Impact® (PCI) on other issues.

PCI helps up-level positive benefits across the board. For instance, clients who want to resolve anxiety related to meeting new people can easily do so. But if you also experience anxiety when traveling, the hypnosis may also help you better manage that issue as well.

Travel anxiety won’t necessarily be eliminated altogether unless you address it directly, but you will likely feel more confident to manage it, especially after resolving the anxiety related to meeting new people.

You should expect to obtain decent long-term results from hypnotherapy, at least in a focused area. Currently, there is no ultimate magic-pill technology for self-improvement although hypnosis is probably the top choice for the best, scientifically proven modality to make quick, effective, and lasting change.

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