Individual Hypnotherapy

For your mind, body and spirit

If You Have you ever experienced…

Anxiety can range from low-level background irritations to full blown panic attacks.

Anxiety can also take the form of irrational fears, compulsive habits or just feeling stuck

Hypnosis goes below the surface of your conscious awareness to identify what is making you feel unsafe.

This could be early life events or even deeply held beliefs, which are now surfacing as anxety.

Hypnosis neutralizes these earlier events or beliefs without changing the reality of what happened. This allows you to perceive situations differently and thus feel relief!

Hypnotherapy restores your self-management and peace of mind

By neutralizing the root cause of these symptoms

Symptoms are caused by earlier life experiences

Which we have often forgotten about

Here are some of the common emotional states that hypnotherapy helps to resolve in a positive manner

  • Stress

    Too much to do or not being able to get it all done well enough

  • Fear

    Something bad might happen

  • Anger

    It’s not fair!

  • Guilt

    What I did was not fair!

  • Boredom

    Not being challenged in some area of your life

  • Sadness

    Lost someone or something important

  • Loneliness

    Healthy desire for human companionship

  • Inadequacy

    There’s something wrong with me

  • Frustration

    This is a secondary feeling

    What I’m doing is not working. Frustration is often linked to depression

  • Depression

    This is a tertiary feeling

    It’s hopeless, useless. What I’m doing is ineffective

  • Self-Hypnosis

    Learn it for free from a certified teacher

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a focused state of mind, while your body is generally very relaxed. It is similar to watching a fascinating movie, being captivated by a good book or being reflective

Hypnosis refers to the use of hypnotic techniques. Hypnotherapy is the application of those techniques intended to bring about self-improvement or wellness.

Hypnosis feels differently to everyone. Generally, people feel very relaxed, alert and safe. Some people feel light and floaty while others are simply focused, aware and easily connect to thoughts and feelings.

Hypnosis works mainly with the subsconscious mind. Changes made in the subconscious happen quickly and sustainably.
Hypnotherapy by-passes the conscious mind’s resistance to new information.

Hypnotherapy can be utilized to help some people become smoke free in as little as two sessions.
Others issues generally take five to seven sessions to achieve your desired results.
After you complete hypnotherapy, you can always schedule an independent session or two to brush up if a new issue arises.

That’s an important question. Your role is to be an active participant in addressing needed changes. It is not a passive role. You do not “go to sleep” and “wake up” differently. You are awake and alert throughout the entire session, partnering with your hypnotherapist to discover root causes of your limiting thoughts or behaviors.

Hypnotherapy is 93 % or more effective after only six sessions compared to traditional therapy, which has a 72% effectiveness rating – after 22 sessions!

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