Hypnosis Improves Learning

Hypnosis definitely helps improve learning.

Here’s why:
We all have different rates of absorption, processing, and integration. Hypnosis addresses many of our cognitive limitations and old, unconscious beliefs that may stand in the way of learning.

For example, if a child has a tough time in school, those challenges may affect their self-confidence. Depending upon the reasons for that difficulty, hypnosis can neutralize the effects of the difficulty, which may have resulted in a poor self-image, feeling different and even less than others.

When those issues are cleared up through hypnosis, or rewired, the neural pathways that support interaction and engagement, seem brighter and flow more easily. This may result in an ease of learning and retention.

I work with clients every day who report that they feel lighter, freer, relieved, safer and more confident. You can feel these perceptual differences (before and after hypnosis), in your body and easily translate these into new behaviors, depending upon your goals.

Learning is a complex set of steps, but when you use hypnosis to clean up debris that has been contaminating the learning, even if you don’t really understand what those factors are, then, you can upscale much of your built-in functionality. The updated version of you feels amazing!

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