Hypnosis Frees Us From Trauma

Hypnosis certainly frees us from trauma.

Hypnosis guides us to original causes of trauma, especially in this lifetime and can facilitate previous life trauma resolution as well.
Past trauma causes an imprint upon both the personality as well as the soul. Traumas, due to their difficult nature, often remain hidden in the subconscious mind where they hide out but continue to drive our thoughts and behaviors.

When we address the root cause of trauma and rewire it in a hypnotic trance state, we release the triggers that have been holding unwanted thoughts and behaviors in place. That allows us to feel relieved, confident, and more in control of our emotions and behaviors. It may take a series of hypnosis sessions to naturalize the root cause, but once rewired, you can confidently move forward with your life.

For example, a 50-year-old client of mine felt traumatized by a swimming accident at age 12 and her older sibling refused to help her out of the pool although the sibling was present and capable. This scenario caused a tremendous amount of hurt and resentment that my client held onto until she released it across five hypnosis sessions.

Once released, my client no longer felt the fear and anger that used to arise every time she thought about her “self-centered sibling. My client now felt capable of speaking her mind whenever engaging with her sibling. She felt neutral about her sibling and was not trembling with fear or seething with anger at the thought of interacting with this person. In other words, my client felt strong and confident instead of weak and less-than.

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