Hypnosis Stops Repetitive Thoughts

A woman recently asked me,
“How should I go about getting rid of OCD intrusive thoughts that recently have been occurring? Would you recommend hypnotherapy & CBT?

Intrusive thoughts or rumination, involve negative thought patterns that are distracting. Repetitive thoughts often reflect a pattern of being stuck in anxiety, but not really recognizing the anxiety. Hypnosis is built for resolving anxiety, especially the kind of hypnosis that addresses root cause. It’s called 5-PATH.

CBT is a practice technology and can support hypnosis, but hypnosis is the laser-focused modality that takes you to the original cause to neutralize its effects and eliminate associated anxiety.

Intrusive or repetitive thoughts are the surface level, but anxiety is deeply rooted in the subconscious mind, where hypnosis operates best. Because the original limiting beliefs or perceptions are below the level of your awareness, the repetitive thoughts (surface level), maintain themselves for at least two reasons:
1. To help you manage the anxiety (which is out of sight)
2. As a red flag – to get your attention and let you know that somewhere in your cognitive system, you are on high alert to a potential threat. The threat usually does not reflect current circumstances but is a response to your belief. Your belief developed a long time ago.

Work with a root cause hypnotherapist and unwind the inner conundrum so you can feel relieved and free of the tangled web of misperceptions. Hypnosis will help you reorganize your inner world so that your outer world feels calmer, and you have peace of mind.

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