Give yourself a suggestion anytime you want!

I often recommend to my clients however, that they practice their hypnotic suggestions upon awakening and just prior to closing their eyes at bedtime, plus one other time. This is called self-hypnosis and I always teach my clients how to use this technique, known as 7th Path. It is a combination of affirmation, prayer and meditation and works with any belief system.

Keep your suggestions positive and present-tense oriented, such as, “I am relaxed and peaceful during my dental appointment” or “I am totally prepared and confident for my interview”. The 7th Path system is spiritually oriented as well, adding in a flavor of higher vibrations.

I usually close my eyes, make my hypnotic suggestion, wait for an “echo”, such as any thought that crosses my mind, then, I repeat my suggestion. I typically do this out loud because it’s reinforcing to hear it, but in social situations, I say it silently.

If you do have a few quiet moments, close your eyes and intend to go into a relaxed state; then your body and mind will respond fairly easily. Take in a few deep breaths from the belly and immediately, the vagus nerve will signal the brain to release endorphins, melatonin and dopamine. In just a few minutes, you’ll feel refreshed, clear and peaceful.

I often repeat my suggestion until it feels like it’s anchored or embodied within me. I will notice a more confident attitude or even a sense of relief. Suggestions are often used to manage anxiety so that we feel more in control of ourselves.

Hypnotic suggestions indicate a desired positive behavior or change. They can also be affirmations because they can be used outside of a hypnotic trance state. They are incredibly useful as a tool in supporting new habit creation.

Another example might be, “I consistently eat veggies every day” or “I easily complete my assigned work.” The possibilities are infinite.

Here are a few more:
“I am now clear, calm and relaxed”
“My body functions very well on six hours sleep”
“My mind comprehends this class with ease and engagement”
“I allow all positive feedback”
“I drive my car safely and confidently in the dark”
“I listen to and acknowledge my partner’s needs”

Imagine being able to program yourself for success! Imagine freeing yourself from stress, negative imprints, and painful emotions from the past. Imagine living in the moment and not overreacting. All of this is possible with suggestions, especially when they are used as a follow up to hypnosis

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