Social Anxiety

Hypnotherapy helps cure social difficulty, often referred to as social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a form of social interactive difficulty that manifests in settings of two or more people, and generally larger crowds. This could include, but is not limited to: family gatherings, work settings, classroom environments or social gatherings.

Privately, the individual may feel inadequate or insufficient (which they have usually felt for a long time). Deeper feelings of being unlovable or undeserving may also be at the root of the disturbance.

Hypnotherapy provides a plethora of direct suggestions to help the individual combat these feelings and strengthen new belief structures. 5-PATH hypnotherapy also uses regression to cause to neutralize and eliminate the original, limiting belief associated with this type of difficulty.

The hypnotherapist should help the client release any feelings of resentment or even guilt that may accompany the deeper-seated issues of inadequacy.

Finally, hypnotherapist and client may work on issues of forgiveness, particularly of self. This helps remove guilt and limitations of feeling stuck.
The individual is now free to develop aspects of him or herself that have been repressed over time so they can blossom into their full potential.

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