Hypnotherapy purges panic attacks

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic modality for purging panic attacks and anxiety.

Panic attacks are a more extreme form of anxiety and seem to interrupt life unexpectedly, often causing severe disruption and even embarrassment, depending on where they show up.

Both anxiety and panic attacks can be triggered by innocuous events. Those events could be common stressors such as job changes, a school project, or an argument with your significant other or family member.

Maybe the trigger is unique to you, based upon your history.

Here’s an example: You went to the petting zoo with your parents as a kid and a goat came up behind you and heat butted you. Your parents laughed and thought it was cute, but you were so shocked, that ever since then, you’ve developed a fear of goats or other animals.

To make matters worse, your response set has now generalized to include any surprises in life, and you have a panic attack whenever an event occurs that is outside of your control. Scenarios like this happen frequently to people.

Using the power of the subconscious mind, hypnosis allows us to track down this earlier life event and neutralize the shock factor. This rewires your habitual response to shocks and allows you respond without fear, but rather, more appropriately to the situation.

With certain types of hypnotherapies, you will review how your parents handled the situation, which in this case, was by laughing. Laughing was part of their expectation set about visiting a petting zoo. Your parents could have responded differently, by consoling you instead of laughing. That may have allowed you to feel safe again in the moment and prevented your fear-based response from spinning out of control. But life happens and we deal with it.

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that we can rewire the way that your mind perceives this event. Through rewiring, we can neutralize the fear-based response and allow you to now feel differently about how it happened. When you gain a new perspective, you will feel differently and respond differently.

This new response-ability allows you the freedom and flexibility to deal with surprises. The automatic shock or fear response is now eliminated and most likely, your anxiety or panic attacks will have no need to interrupt your life anymore

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